Climate Change Challenge Winners!

Climate Change Challenge Winners!

First Place Winner - Wake Up Call

First Place Winner - Wake Up Call

Second Place Winner - Panic

Second Place Winner - Panic

Third Place Winner - Car Poolers

Third Place Winner - Car Poolers

Fourth Place Tie Winner - "O"

Fourth Place Tie Winner - "O"

Fourth Place Tie Winner - Conscious Evolution

Fourth Place Tie Winner - Conscious Evolution

Climate Change Challenge

The Smovies - Climate Change Challenge

Think Climate Change

Think Climate Change

The Smovies

The Smovies

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Watch the Winners of Season 8 "Climate Change Challenge"

1st Place
"Wake Up Call"
Mohamed Hashim Sulaiman

2nd Place
Josh Jones

3rd Place
“Car Poolers”
Shadi Abdulla

4th Place Tie
Marvin George

4th Place Tie
“Conscious Evolution”
Rizwan Assaraf


“Save the World Through Soil” – Fasil Shalu

“Plastic Bag” – Timur Toktosunov

“Earthside” – Timur Toktosunov

“A Serious Question” – Thamarmon KV

First Place Winner – “Wake Up Call” – Mohamed Hashim Sulaiman

Second Place Winner – “Panic” – Josh Jones

Third Place Winner – “Car Poolers” – Shadi Abdulla

Fourth Place Winner Tie – “O” – Marvin George

Fourth Place Winner Tie – “Conscious Evolution” – Rizwan Assaraf

“S.O.S” – Tarish Tolani

“There Is No Planet B” – Seifeddine Senouci

“The Change Begins With YOU!” by Rohit Ramesh

“Do It Yourself” – Rohan Sonawane

“Food Waste” – Philip Dackiw

“1 Minute” – Mohammed Taif

“Rise” – Matthew Tan

“EARTH 2400 C.E.” – Mark Stanley

“A Better Way” – Anne Delauney

“Buckethead” – Keshav Purushot

“All the Reasons in the World” – Kate and Hannah Melville Rea

“The Tree” – Joss Cooper

“Four Steps” – Isabel Rios

“Because We Care” – Ema Pargas

“Sofia” – Deuner Viatela

The Countdown” – Danish Jalil


Where You Find It أين تجد سعادتك؟

Share Your Happiness شارك سعادتك

The Rhythm تناغم

BrandMoxie’s Happiness Season – Top 5 winners

Happiness Through leadership سعادتي في قادتي

Homecoming العودة


ImageNation AHMED ZOGHBOR How a bully is made

ImageNation AMEERA KHAMIS Race is Everything

ImageNation DANA ALHASHMI Dogcalling

ImageNation FATIMA ALBALOOSHI First World Problems

ImageNation FATIMA ALI Freedom of Choice

ImageNation LATIFA KHOORY The Box

ImageNation NOURA SALAH Wasta

ImageNation RASHED KABBANI Two Seconds

ImageNation SALAMAH AL FALASI Give Me A Chance

ImageNation SALAMAH ALHOSANI Priorities


Together Alexander Rubio

Root Kifli Al Fahad

The Expected Muhammad Sarfaraz Ali

The Pull up Beat Down Aaron Jackson

Walking With You Billy Blioumis

Angus Unfolded 1 Jawaher Abdullah

#BelieveInspire Petruff John Ledesma

#BornToChallenge Mariam Jumai

#BornToChallenge Avrom Levis

#BornToChallenge Thomas Simon


Just One Spot

I Have Dreams

I Have A Dream

I Am

Hope and Doubt



Build It With Love

Be Creative

Filippo Beni


A Universal Understanding by Benedict Smith

Ana ebn al shaheed by Maryam Saeed Jumai

I Love UAE by Aisha Alhammadi

UAE past & present by Peter Jay

Connection by John Haddad

Our Admiration by Diana Majeed

Why do you ask by Hana Alzarooni

Far from the answer by Anood Abdulla Zaid Saeed

Whyiloveuae By Phillip Rachid

In The Grace Of Love By Mohamed Nizar Luqman


Blind Date

Rise Again

A little push

Ab Bol

Don’t Shoot Me

Save water


Sameer Antulay

TV Watching

You are not alone


Please dont steal my show

The Epiphany

A Spartan Surprise