The Smovies

A film competition platform. A content creation platform for social good.

Real Stories of Real People.
Stories for a Better World.

We extend our invitation to the community to engage the world through film and storytelling. Our aim through the Smovies competition platform is to invite youth, academia, influencers, filmmakers, film fans, associations, corporates, public institutitions and the community at large to participate in creating content that makes our world better, kinder and more sustainable for future generations.

The Smovies film competition platform was launched by BrandMoxie in 2015, through a strategic partnership with VOX Cinemas in the UAE. Our focus is to promote positive social causes across the world, and to spread the universal values of inclusion, compassion, harmony, humanity, hope, peace and tolerance through grass roots film content created by all of us; films that are by us, for us, and about us.

It is only by sharing our unique stories and experiences that we can begin to bridge understanding, while celebrating our differences. Let us make film to create stories about our humanity and diversity.

With love,

Sana Bagersh

Founder of The Smovies