Our Sponsor Auro Nero

Legend has it that coffee was discovered in the Kaffa region where a herdsman named Kaldi, seeing his goat’s strange behaviour after feeding on coffee berries decided to try it for himself. Kaldi’s curiosity led to one of humanity’s greatest discoveries. Today, Ethiopia remains the only place where Arabica coffee grows wild.

Auro Nero is produced in the Bagersh plantations of Ethiopia and is a reflection of the family’s three-generation long labour of love with coffee. At Auro Nero we select only the finest Arabica beans, cultivated on farms in the heart of the coffee jungle in the highlands of Ethiopia. Blended and roasted with care and precision, Auro Nero offers a unique, distinct aroma and pure taste will take your coffee drinking experience to a richer level. We hope you enjoy Auro Nero as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.


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