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KICKING OFF: THE SMOVIES COMPETITION SEASON 6: "Culture and Understanding"  #CultureAndUnderstanding


THE THEME: "Culture and Understanding"  #CultureAndUnderstanding

THE BIG WIN: The winning film will be screened at VOX Cinemas across the UAE.

THE MOOD/TREATMENT: #CultureAndUnderstanding is open for filmmakers to show their creativity. Demonstrate your culture through 60 second in a story, documentary-style presentation or social commentary!


- 60 second for your Smovie. Plus an additional of 3 seconds for opening frame. (Opening frame will be provided by The Smovies)
- Credit on one page not more than 3 seconds
- No words to further the story, Subtitles are ok if needed
- Participants must be residents of UAE
- Deadline is 15th of November, 2017
- Stay away from anything to do with politics, religion and promiscuity

THE SPECS: 1920 x 1080 Pixels/ High Definition/ 16:9 Aspect Ratio The files should be in ".MOV" or ".MP4" format.


Entries should have the standard opening frame, which can be downloaded under the menu “Competition” and then “How to upload”.  
Fill out form  when submitting the film entries. 

THE DEADLINE: Submissions should be received by November 15, 2017.


The Smovies is a platform that provides filmmakers an opportunity to shoot their own films, and supports them by providing them a platform for the films to be viewed.

Over the entire year of 2015, Smovies ran three competition seasons:

1. The VOX Category. April to June. “Please Don’t Steal My Show”

2. The Narrative Category. July to September. “The Message”

3. Why I Love UAE. October to December. “Celebrating the UAE.”

Two seasons in 2016:

4. #IHaveADream. January to May.

5. #BornToChallenge. August to November



Start filming and spread your love for UAE.