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The Smovies

The Smovies is a film competition platform that is owned and run by BrandMoxie, a leading marketing firm based in the  UAE. BrandMoxie provides integrated advertising and marketing services and manages several social and creative initiatives. The Smovies is a platform that was created in 2015  to help support emerging talent, and to provide rising stars an opportunity to shine through the creation of content that promotes the values of inclusion, compassion, harmony and tolerance. The Smovies platform collaborates with, and supports, government, institutions and corporate entities to leverage the power of video content and story telling to advance their brand, and to promote positive social and community causes.

Apart from the Smovies, BrandMoxie also runs an entrepreneurship platform called Tamakkan,  as well as a youth and creativity focused publication called Tempo.  

To support entities leverage the growing influence of digital and video engagement BrandMoxie has Moxie Video Studio, an in-house video studio concept for corporates and institutions.  The agency also develops strategic video programming for the entity, along with staff training. In addition, BrandMoxie also has the www.socialmoxx.com platform for strategic social media marketing, and with it the power to unlock the potential of ‘amplification’ – a way to expand organic social media reach through brand champions and ambassadors.

BrandMoxie also provides knowledge workshops in areas focused on innovation, technology, creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship. Its technology focused programmes include Digital Government,  Smart Youth Digital Literacy and Innovation Nation.

To learn more about BrandMoxie, contact: business@brandmoxie.com.